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SpaceTEC´┐Ż K-12 Outreach Program launching in the Fall of 2015 has recognized a need for STEM educator resources when it comes to teaching space related activities. SpaceTEC™ outreach program will provide primary and secondary STEM educators the tools to teach space, with an emphasis on the role of a Nationally Certified Aerospace Technician™ in the aerospace industry.
K-12 Outreach flyer for SpaceTEC

Past Event : Workshop
Wednesday August 5th, and Thursday August 6th 2015.
Cape Canaveral, FL

Utilizing the scientific method, team work, research, and communicating in writing the results and applications for peer review, students will participate in the full cycle of an actual experiment from the original question to the published results and conduct true science at the edge of space.

  1. Introducing SpaceTEC's K-12 Outreach Program
  2. Handout of textbook and materials
  3. The Mini-Cube Program.
    1. What is a Mini-Cube?
    2. What is the Mini-Cube Program?
    3. Viewing a typical Mini-Cube flight.
  4. Your Student's Mini-Cube Program: A Step-by-Step Guide
    1. Overview
    2. Goals of the program
    3. Getting outside support financially and administratively
      1. Grants
      2. Administration
    4. Purchasing the Mini-Cubes
    5. Background Instruction
      1. Seeking help/collaboration from other departments
      2. Scientific Method review
      3. How to write a Lab Report
      4. Research methods
      5. The stratosphere
    6. Introducing the Mini-Cube to the students
    7. Establishing the "Question."
    8. Bringing in the Parents
    9. More research: Narrowing it all down to the "Question."
    10. Designing the experiment
    11. Putting together a proposal
    12. Class activity
    13. You are a "Go" for a build!
    14. Prepping the Mini-Cube
    15. Packing for flight
    16. Opening Day
    17. Final lab reports
    18. Final housekeeping
  5. Questions, comments, and/or concerns?
  6. Hand out completion certificates

K-12 Outreach flyer for SpaceTEC

Check out Greg's book:
Classroom Laboratory at the Edge of Space

A book written for secondary public and private school STEM instructors, home schooling, and undergraduate STEM courses of study explaining how to set up their own student focused "space program" utilizing the Mini-Cube Program. With this STEM Project Based Learning Activity, students can have the unique, affordable, and challenging opportunity to send experiments via high altitude balloon to an altitude of 100,000 feet (20 miles or 32 km), commonly known as the "edge of space."

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Gregory N. Cecil, M.A.S.
K-12 Outreach and Social Media Coordinator-SpaceTEC
SpaceTEC Nationally Certified Aerospace Technician
Florida State Certified Educator
Adjunct Instructor Aerospace Technology Program-Eastern Florida State College
CEO-AeroSTEM Consulting, LLC
Author: Classroom Laboratory at the Edge of Space: Introducing the Mini-Cube Program

Gregory N. Cecil, M.A.S. is the only Florida State Certified Educator and Nationally Certified Aerospace Technician in the nation. Currently, Greg provides Aerospace STEM consulting for schools and companies, conducts workshops for STEM teachers, and gives presentations on subjects related to STEM and Human Spaceflight.

More can be found about Greg at Greg's linkedin profile